It’s getting late by Haitian standards (9:00 p.m.). I’m up at Karen’s house and can still hear a few little ones down at the children’s house being scolded by the house moms, and though I don’t understand the language yet, I know all too well the tone of  “get to bed or else!!”

It’s quiet up here without the ladies. Heather, Ronaele and LaRee, I’m missing you already.  It’s hard to imagine that a week just passed with a wink of an eye. I can’t thank you enough for joining me on this adventure to Haiti. You are truly a wonderful group of women, each with your own way of bonding with the children and sharing your love and expertise.

I keep chuckling to myself at what LaRee and Ronaele told me when they first got here.  They actually thought they were going to be sleeping in a tent in the middle of a field the entire week without showers or any of the comforts  of home,  and  STILL, they were willing to come to help the children. What troopers. They really got the kids hooked onto sewing, and we are continuing with the lessons as best as I can teach them (thank goodness for Youtube).  I had them watch a short video today to show them how to make a top for their new Barbies. We didn’t have the generator going in the afternoon, but they insisted on hand stitching their creations instead. So cool. JJ is even designing his own patterns out of paper, and he carefully measured his doll and made a pattern. Tomorrow he will cut the material and sew. I’ll take pictures of them soon as they are done.

Djemima & Ti Luc saying bye to Ronaele


LaRee & Karena really bonded

Heather, the beauty parlour is empty without you. I’m just not a good fill in client….although I did find a random clip in the back of my hair this afternoon and have no idea who put it there! I can’t believe how still you sat for those wee kids and how hot you must have gotten when 3 or more where on top of you braiding and unbraiding your hair over and over again. They will certainly miss you. The minute I met you in the airport in Toronto, I knew we would work well together. I’m so glad you were there to support me when I had to switch the power over. Seeing wee sparks come from the switch freaked me out…whew.. I was so happy when you said you would do it. You are fearless!

Heather & her hair dressing crew

Ladies, we appreciate all of your enthusiasm, you inquisitiveness for the culture and customs, the workers, the food,  and of course the children’s stories….how they came to be under Karen’s care. What stories you will bring home to share with others.

message from Ti Luc

So with the ladies gone, what have I been up to you may wonder? Well, this place keeps one busy. My routine is slowly coming around: up at 6:30, coffee x 2;  dress Ti Luc if he didn’t have a sleep over with the boys at their house; devotions at 7:30 to 8:00; talk with Karen about “stuff” over breakfast until 9 when the older kids come up to set up our computer club on the porch (Ti Luc & Dieunel have joined us); then a break for Beate until after lunch; 1:30 sewing club continues in the devotion room (AKA sauna) until 3:00; meet with Karen; go for walk, or relax or play with kids depending on the heat and rain; dinner around 5:00; then 6 to 8 play with kids and/or shower Ti Luc; hang out with Karen & do office  stuff etc. then bed around 10:30…I LOVE I T…

The kids too are busy with chores that they fit between lessons, and during my break time, they sometimes get to watch a movie… boy, you should hear the squeals of delight when that announcement comes through “yes, mamma said yes to a movie…yippeeeeeeeeeeee” x 15

Too hot to play – movie time


Leica doing chores


two brothers Dieunel & Ti Luc running from the rain

A couple of nights ago, I was alone on the third floor roof and had a peaceful quiet time after a wonderful rain. That sky just opened up and the colours were remarkable. I tried to capture them for you. Beauty and goodness is all around if one simply opens their hearts to it.

message from above


Good night all…Beate

Good night and God bless from Karen too.  Thank you so much for EVERYTHING.  You decided at the last minute to come and you were a tremendous blessing.  We are so glad you managed to work it out.  You have been missed a lot since you left.  I am extremely thankful too that Beate changed her ticket and stayed on to help.  Will try to see you guys when on westcoast or eastcoast of the great country of Canada.