Once again this will be a blog where photos will do the talking.

We are all still really missing Joan and Keith.  We are, however, excitedly awaiting the team from my home town of Springdale, Newfoundland who are returning to their HATS family on Sunday, May 24th.

Keif coffee is ready. Come on back

Since Tuesday we are also missing Vladimy who is once again in the hospital in Port au Prince.  We would appreciate prayers for this fine young man.  Thank you.

Last Sunday we had some special visitors at our church for a short time.  Tomorrow these  new friends will be visiting with us here at this compound for a while.  They are interested in knowing more about HATS and getting to know the children.

I T     I S     A L L      A B O U T    T H E      C H I L D R E N


Sandra & Jonathan


Josie & Ti Fi, Vladimy & Karena and Judel. Almost home.


Go Dieunel. You can do it.


Birthday girl Anne


School director, Luckner, has a new assistant.


Little Sandra does love her mangoes


One little pig went to . . . This big pig went to HATS


Out of mud hole to shake off on compound wall


Two beautiful girls – Leica and Magdala.


JJ, Leica, Djemima




Returning for supper. Anne and Jofky in the lead


Sunday morning visitors at church


At back of our church waiting for Valerie and Rosette were Veronique and Guillaume