We did not want to see you leave, but we understood you needed to return to your other life for some months.  We do all miss you.  We do all want you back Рon orphanage site and at church too.

Kids in church making a sign for Keif and Jon


Two people were missed in church this morning

Thank you from both Luckner and I for putting up with all the frustrations of daily life at HATS. ¬†It is ‘tet chaje anpil’ at times. ¬†Never a dull moment here. Thank you for the tremendous amount of work you do for us both. ¬†We are waiting for you to return.

On your leaving day lots of tears were shed by one person who shall remain nameless. ¬†She will, however, say that life is not the same without you two. ¬†Life has definitely gone down a notch, or two, or three …need some help here. ¬†Need humour and silliness here again. ¬†Too dull, too boring, too much work, no good communication. ¬†Are you guys missed? ¬†I think perhaps just a little bit! ¬†You are an important part of HATS and hopefully a permanent part !

Since you left several times employees or children have heard “Keif, where are you? ¬†Keif we need you. ¬†Jon come back please. ¬†Jon help please. ¬†Where are Keif and Jon when we need them? ¬†When I call for you guys Germaine, Roselene, Martha and kids just laugh. ¬†Not sure why. I will laugh too when you do come back.

Two members of our family are missing.


Boo Hoo


Like everything else here – parties too won’t be the same without Keith’s help


Happy Birthday Anne


Delicious mangoes anyone


Joan sharing at the 20th year celebration


Mista Keif HATS goalie has his eye on the ball


Working up to the last minute

Love and hugs from all of us,
~Karen and crew