First thing I must say is thank you to Keith for doing such a good job on the blogs.  I am very thankful to have that help.  I will give him a rest from it for today.

Recently I had a four day break with good friends, Maxi and Laurie Wilson, who have escaped the extreme cold of Ontario for awhile by vacationing in Florida.  It was a fun relaxing R & R with a walk on the beach and beautiful sunsets and majestic skies.

Sunset while at Maxi & Laurie’s


Sunset followed by this gorgeous sky

I must say a huge thank you to Keith also for doing a great job of taking care of ‘everything’ while I enjoyed myself with friends.

Maxi and I reminisced about growing up in Newfoundland and enjoyed working on our Newfoundland accents and wonderful expressions that we want to hold onto.  Maxi spoiled me with fantastic meals and delicious deserts.  Laurie, being the wonderful man he is, not only tolerated us two females, but did so with gentleness and kindness.  What a guy!!  He even got up at 2:00 a.m. to drive me to Tallahassee to get flight to Miami and on to Port au Prince.

Saying goodbye to Maxi & Laurie at the airport

My short break was timed with the plan to bring Vladimy home from the hospital when I returned.

Vladimy on the way home from hospital

We did this but decided to surprise the children and employees.  The children were thrilled to have their mama home – lots of hugs and kisses.

Yeah, our mama is home.


Kids missed their mama

What they did not know was that Vladimy was hidden in the truck.

We are happy to have Vladimy back home.


Vladimy has returned.


Lots of hugs for Vladimy

This afternoon the ‘complete family’ enjoyed a walk along the canal.  It was lovely to do so and to see Vladimy walking with his siblings and seemingly enjoying life.

Our late afternoon family walk


In the lead with Keith, Ti Fi, Josie, Judel, Karena, Jofky followed by Sandra


My youngest and my oldest, Jonathan & Vladimy on our walk

Thank you for your prayer support and encouraging emails while Vladimy was in the hospital for five weeks.  It has meant a great deal to me.  He is home on medication.  He will not return to school quickly as he needs time to regain strength and needs to avoid stress for awhile.  We have a return appointment at the hospital in Port au Prince in two weeks.

Thank you for all your support of the children who live here with me and for all the children in our school.  Without you none of them would be where they are today.  On behalf of all the children whose lives have been touched I thank you.   God bless you.

I T    I S     A L L
A B O U T     T H E     C H I L D R E N