3 days of updates in one post today!


Today was a quieter than usual day at school and the students were let out a little early as this is the 6th anniversary of the earthquake.  Many parents do not send their children to school on this anniversary.

A little quieter day all around as we are all tired, “it is 37.2  degrees with a million percent humidity”…quote from Jim.  We were all up by 4:00AM, some before that and most all of us had a fitful sleep..what little we did get.  Bus and security here by 4:30 and Don, Terry and Cathy left for Port Au Prince, Don and Terry with luggage and Cathy as she came, no luggage!  I hope by now she has some idea of where her suitcase is.

Kids cleaning up the yard


Cathy got her luggage today in Miami!  Good news for her. She and Terry are staying there for a few days.
Busy, busy day today. Karen and I working in the office, Dickie making dress rack for girls home and Jim working on taps,computers etc.  This afternoon Jim, Dickie and I measured rice, beans, cornmeal and oil to give to the needy in the area. We have had several families come already and we expect another batch tomorrow. Tomorrow there will be school sponsored students who will be picking up their food for their families.

Measuring of food for students

We have heard Don got storm stayed in Halifax enroute home. I would love to have a small storm here now!

Karen is sporting a new “do” thanks to her sister!  ha ha She has nerves of steel to let me work on her hair!  I was scared to death BUT she didn’t seem too concerned!


We are up and ready to face another day!  It didn’t cool off much last night so we are hoping for a cooler one tonight. Already had Germaine’s delicious oatmeal and fruit and ready to face whatever.  Looking forward to giving food to the students from their sponsors in Canada.  People got food at Christmas and New years and the students will today!  We will have photos later.

A box of food going home that was donated for a preschool student


Food for a student and family


Three students leaving with food