Last night we were treated to an amazing thunder and lightning display! It was welcomed after a very hot, humid day and after dancing in the rain for a short time, we went to bed after a long night.

For those of you who follow the blog regularly, you know that Vladimy has been in the hospital in Port Au Prince a couple times over the last year. Over the past few days many staff, Karen and even Jocelyn and I have been noticing his behavior change a little every day since our arrival. Last night, the difficult decision was made to bring him back to the hospital today so he can receive the necessary care, for his safety and that of others at HATS. Please pray for him during this difficult time and pray for strength for Karen as she deals with the added stress.  This is very difficult for her.  On a more positive note, Karen has made the trip safely and is back here at HATS with us. Vladimy is in the best place for him for the time being.


While Karen was away today Jocelyn and I have been enjoying some time with the kids. Don’t worry she made sure she left a ‘To Do’ list for us! We’re getting smarter though and got help  from JJ, Moise, Leica, and Djemima so we would have time to play afterwards. The kids were a great help, if only I could say the same about Jocelyn. I’m sure she spent more time chasing and wrestling with kids than she did cutting or folding material! Good help can be hard to find!

Sandra & Jonathan keeping Jocelyn from working. Yeah right.


Jonathan is growing up


Jonathan with Jennifer


Our monkey doodle with Jennifer or Jocelyn. Not sure which any more

We took time to play with the kids today in the devo room. They were playing school with Leica and Djemima as teachers. JJ was the director and Moise the assistant director. The rest of the children changed into their old school uniforms and participated in class. The room was setup with a chalkboard in the middle to separate it into two classes.  The kids answered questions when they were asked. The teachers were strict, the students all sat quietly because otherwise they were yelled at! It was too cute!

Director JJ, Asst Moise, teachers Leica & Djemima

This afternoon, we sorted donations and watched tv with Ti Luc while the rest of the kids watched a movie. Karen’s room has air conditioning (possibility to run it for a couple of hours if/when generator is running) and for a short while we were not too hot. While the air conditioning was amazing we are now dying with the heat again. We are now melting into puddles while we await to see what is for supper and what our evening has in store!