Sunday dawned bright and warm. No one showed the effects of the time change. All the kids were well dressed for the occasion – church. We all gather at Mama’s house to load up for the short walk to the church. The drums, song books, table, blankets for the nursery, water, glasses and tambourines have to be transported over and back each week.

Church cargo line


Walking to church

The church was rocking again this week. The sounds of the singing and drums must be able to be heard all around the Artibonite Valley. The church needs a coat of paint to liven it up even more. The interior paint is here (so is Joan’s Birthday ladder) awaiting Lynn’s team in 10 days. The chosen color is LOVELY LISA. You’ll have to wait for Lynn’s team to post pictures to see what color that really is.
Stay tuned.

Unpainted church


Needs some color

The new church security windows are installed and are quite artistic.

Church window


Church main door.

The rest of the day had a nice quiet pace to it. After church we congregated at the girls’ home for some pop and cheesies.  The older boys then played soccer. I played soccer with the younger ones. My team was decimated on the scoreboard because I kept losing players. They would rather gather and eat almonds from the tree in the school compound then play soccer in the 38C heat. Go figure. Joan and I had a sunset walk along the canal. Then around 9 PM we headed up on the roof with Moise and JJ to see the stars. We also saw Mars, Venus and Jupiter in all their glory. What a show. What a day!! What a place!!!!

Cheesie snacks.