On the last blog I said our own Mariah would be leaving HATS on June 27th to live once again in Canada. She will indeed return to Calgary on June 27th, but not yet to live. Things have changed and I am happy to report that Mariah has agreed to return to HATS at the end of the summer. (There is a couple in Edmonton who plan to come to work with me at HATS, but are unable to do so at this time.) Mariah will be a tremendous asset in the meantime. She will live in the support missionary house, and she will be the cordinator of the children’s homes instead of a school teacher. Mariah will oversee both homes, housemothers, and the children. She will report to, and answer to, myself and Luckner only. She is planning to take an education course while here that can be done online.

Mariah asking preschooler’s name


Mariah with Sandra and Karena

Luckner and I are both glad about this and thankful for it. Mariah has a deep love for her people, and her birth country, and is willing to put a lot of herself into helping those in need. She is a big help in many ways – including with workteams. She has a fantastic way with children, is not afraid to stand up to employees when needed, and can do it all in an acceptable manner.

Mariah cleaning rice for Martha

Mariah speaks French, English and Creole fluently, so is able to nicely communicate with anyone that comes to HATS.

Laughing and posing for the camera

Mariah is just finishing up the last of this present school year. She has done a great job with her students. They all love her and hate it when she is not with them. When she told her class she had to be away from school for four days – (for the funeral of her grandfather) several said they would not be coming to school on the days she would be away. Many of them actually did not attend school. On her first day back I saw Mariah standing at the door of her classroom with all of her students trying to hug her at the same time. I regret that was one time I did not have my camera handy.

Mariah giving out her student’s report cards


Ti Luc being fed by Mariah at Kay Papa’s


Mariah leading our kids in practice for Sunday morning

Mariah will be a volunteer at HATS, but will need some financial help. She will have flight tickets to purchase and will need some money for personal items. I want to say a big thank you to those who donated through HATS to help her this past year. Anyone wishing to help Mariah with the cost of returning and with her personal needs while here, can donate through HATS, by forwarding donations to the HATS office in Yarmouth, NS. Please designate that funds are for Mariah personally. Thank you.

Mariah is back !!!!  Yeah !!!


Karena doing Mariah’s hair (Note photo behind them)


Sandra, walk to Mariah.


Mariah with Karen during the horrific rain & wind storm

Blessings everyone.


~Karen & gang