First I want to talk about our HATS School – IMKH.

The results of the grade six and grade nine governmental exams are in our hands as of today. Luckner and I are pleased with the results. There are two students who failed in grade nine, and four in grade six. These exams can be very difficult and if sponsored students do not pass we give them a second chance. In other words ‘Do not quit school. Redo the grade a second time. ‘

We are all thrilled that our own Vladimy passed his grade nine. He will be attending another school this year, along with several other students in our sponsoring program. When they pass grade nine, and leave our school, they do not leave the program. We encourage them to go all the way and graduate. We have them transfer to another school in Liancourt. As long as their sponsors continue to support them we will see that their schooling is paid for.

The government had given the date of Sept 3rd for schools to reopen. Last weekend they announced that schools will open on October 1st instead. That announcement has pleased a lot of people – parents especially.

This week has been very busy with parents or students picking up the fabric for their uniforms. When this is completed, then we have the huge job of going through all textbooks on hand. We have to decide what is reusable, and then figure out what is needed for all the students we have sponsored. A lot of textbooks need to be purchased, organized and given to students and/or parents. School is closed but our work for the school is never done.

Parents or students picking up fabric to sew school uniforms

Speaking of sponsors. A huge thank you is going out to all our sponsors. Many students would not be receiving an education if you were not supporting them through HATS. This year we need more sponsors. Thank you to those of you who have already committed yourselves as new sponsors for this year. Information will come to you soon with the name of your student and grade. Are there any others who are willing and able to pay for a child to attend school? If so, please let us know. Information is on our website, or contact Dickie MacDonald. His address is: We have students in prescolaire; elementary – 1-6; and secondary 7-9 who need a sponsor.

Seth and Jessie have been here for 8 days for a visit and will be leaving again tomorrow. Jessie’s teaching job where they live in the US starts August 13th. They have enjoyed being back and everyone has enjoying having them.

Joan Wight, who is my friend and family, from Montreal, spent two days here on the weekend. It was great having Joan back again. Joan was here, as were Jessie and Seth, for our Sunday morning service. Jessie did a message for the children and Seth blessed us with his singing voice.

Sandra in church.  Hiding,

While Joan, and Jessie and Seth were here at the same time, we had a water fight with the children. Must admit I did not get wet as I had a camera in my hands. The kids loved the water play!!

Water balloon fun


Soak Jessie and Seth


Jofky and Karena with water balloons


Joan consoling Jofky

The children talked Jessie and Seth into helping them rollerblade twice while here. Vladimy, JJ, and Djemima are able to do it without help. Soon some of the other children, especially Leica, Karena, Dieunel and Anne, will be able to rollerblade without needing support to keep from falling. They love this and it is good for them.

Roller blading with the help of Seth and Jessie


Anne getting ready to roller blade too.

Antoinette came to the compound to see Seth and Jessie. She has still not delivered her baby, but is very anxious to deliver. The due date was supposed to be July 22nd. Antoinette took leave early as she thought her baby was going to come before that date.

Antoinette, baby still in womb, and Ti Fi (Aug 5, 2012)

We went to see Magalie and her new baby girl, while Jessie and Seth were here. I took the older children with us as they were anxious to see Magalie and baby too. After seeing Magalie pregnant for so long, they were thrilled to be able to see the baby in Magalie’s arms.

Magalie with her two week old baby

We are all looking forward to having Mariah return on August 29th. The children have started asking what date, what day, will Mariah be here. Mariah has a friend, Lucie, coming with her for one week. Then Lucie will return to Calgary and her schooling, while Mariah digs back in and helps us for another few months. It will be good to have her back!

Thank you!! God bless you!!

Karena, Jofky, Dieunel, Anne

Remember: I T I S A L L A B O U T T H E C H I L D R E N