I’ve had the intention to write another blog since the day I left Haiti, over a week ago. I thought it was hard to write a blog in Haiti, it’s even harder at home, especially after 2 weeks away from my office! Tomorrow I leave for a weeks business trip so I figured I’d better get this done now!

How many HATS people can you get in one pickup? 24! On Christmas day we planned to go Mummering at Luckners. The Newfies will know what that is… So we decided to stop over for a quick afternoon visit and trial run to see how we’d all fit that evening. We had 11 in the bed of the truck, including all the big kids, 8 littles in the back set and 5 in the two front seats. I had two cuties on my lap and mom had Jonathon in the sling. The kids had grins from ear to ear to be going for that 10 minute round trip ride!

11 kids here


8 kids in here


Cab of Truck


Mom with Jonanthon

Okay, so Mummering… Mummering is a Newfie tradition in which you get costumed up with your faces hidden and you don’t talk (or talk in disguised voice) and go visiting. The people you’re visiting try to guess who you are. This would have been so fun at Luckners since there are so many kids the same size! We would have had to get going by 4pm for safety, that time came and went! We were so disappointed so around 7pm Mom organized us to get sheeted up and head down to the kids home. Martha and Germaine looked at us like we were loons, shrieked with laughter and kept asking ‘why’. Ronel was out playing basketball so missed out on our impromptu costuming!

Impromptu Costuming

As we walked outside there were a few kids still outside, they start squeeling, shouting and running into the homes to get everyone else. It’s Pandemonium! We can barely see we’re running around chasing kids, kids are everywhere, running up to us, trying to see who we are, shrieking and running away freaking out.

Chasing the kids

Leica came up to me about 8 times, asking Dana? Dana? I’d shake my head no. She’d come back a few minutes later, peek into my eye holes and ask again Dana? Dana? It was so funny that she wasn’t even sure it was me! Then the kids got into the act, running into their houses and grabbing towels, grabbing their bed sheets, stripping the sheets off of Jared and running around yelling and carrying on. It was SO MUCH FUN, I can’t remember the last time I saw kids so over the moon excited!! I can’t wait until Liette and family join us in Haiti Christmas 2013 and our giant group goes Mummering!