Day four of our project here at the Hats mission. Today we met the children for morning devotions before they went off to school. We all stood in a circle holding hands while several of the little ones prayed.

I was able to go over to the school to see hundreds of the children file in to the chapel for their morning devotions. I am amazed at the way they make music with their hands you would think there was a band playing with each one clapping and making different sounds.  Everything they do here in Haiti is with much expression and enthusiasm!  We then went outside for the raising of the flag. All the children in their green and white uniforms showing respect for their country was so nice to see.  I love the way the girls all have their hair decorated in ribbons, barrettes, and baubles…they go all out!

Bob with kids


Flag picture

A lot of progress was made on our painting project today.  I am really enjoying working with our amazing team! Everyone is really working well together and the laughing and joking makes the heat more bearable. With it being 41 degrees today we decided to create our own “beach in a bag”.

Us with the water bags

We were excited to finally start rolling on the paint color today on the outside walls. When we cleaned our brushes all the colors mixed together made “Jaunty Joan” (this is for you Sandra wink wink).

Picture of bucket – Jeanty Joan

I am really enjoying my experience here in Haiti. I have learned so much about the difference between a need and a want. It is causing me to reflect on my own attitude and making me so grateful for the things we have daily that we take for granted like ample supply of clean water and food as well as air conditioning!  Many of the things that I have considered a need in my life I now realize are only a want. I am also learning about kindness and love. The Haitian children are so free to show love with their hugs and hand holding and caring for each other.  The way the older children protect and care for the younger ones and the way they all work together and participate in chores, playing, and every day living is truly an inspiration. It speaks to me of the true meaning of family!  I am so happy to be here with this team …not only to serve but to learn some real life lessons! This experience is truly life changing.  One person can”t change the world but by showing Gods love and being kind we can all make a difference to someone!

Picture of Marissa with kids

To end our day we had a mango eating contest with all the kids. There is a huge mango tree here on the property with the most mangos I’ve ever seen! It was my first time to eat a mango right off the tree and to my surprise it was really good! There was a lot of laughs to see all of our yellow mustaches. What a way to end a day!

Picture of tree




Mango eating