After another night of only a few hours of sleep it is awesome and refreshing to get up …very early-see the sun rise …the rooster crow (not so awesome 🙂 have some time with the Lord overlooking the picturesque mountains of Haiti.

Gardens and mountain view

We are sleeping on the second floor of the main house..and while it’s a little toasty inside at night it is stunning on the balcony part of it.

Before you feel sorry for us I would like to say that we have 2 ! fans in the little room but it doesn’t seem to do much. The air is so thick with heat. But we always get up and have super energy for the day…that can only be GOD. But you may still pray for more sleep 🙂 LOL

Today beautiful time of worship again ….:) THEN ..there were some problems…The washing machine broke …The house moms got in trouble ..the school had problem. Let’s just say there were a lot of fires to be put out today!! I got the laundry organized and then went to make mango juice 🙂 with Germaine and Marguerite!!

Barb making mango juice with Germaine

We had a beautiful time and shared a lot about our faith .The very thing I had prayed for for days. They brought me to tears at one point, always wanting to know “when I come back “. They are so sweet both of them . They taught me how to peel and slice a mango …which I thought I knew..:)..after much laughter I finally got it.

Karen very graciously let me be part of her work and wanted me to make some changes and teach the house mothers new tricks 🙂 I tried to do it with lots of love and grace…In the afternoon we had a meeting with all of them and I was part of it . I feel very honored and it makes me feel very much at home here. I feel like I belong 🙂 Mid morning was the celebration at the school for mothers day and that was adorable!!!

School fet for Haitian Mother’s Day


Prescolaire students and parents after Mother’s Day Fet at school Day


Mama Karen with her four prescolaire children

I am sure I have 1000 piks by now….can’t help it. The children sang for their mothers , that came to visit the school and then gave them a little gift basket … The mothers also received a cold drink from the school director (Luckner )… Ah ja, did I mention that he has a business of cold drinks too ?…People in Haiti either have no job or 7…that’s really so! OK, maybe not 7 🙂

They ‘finally’ discovered Louis’ talents as handy man and put him to work. He is fixing toilets, showers , put on door handles, spring for the front door, installed a motion detector for the back stairs….I am sure I forgot something 🙂 He loves it and just putts along…in between he stops for a quick card game with whoever is around…..that’s my kinda Handy man !! LOL.

Louis with Jofky

Karen and I also put together some really nice gift bags (from the treats we brought ) for the house moms for mothers day. Some of the items included…soap , lipstick , nail polish, comb…ect…. So thankful for all we brought.

I thought I just use the opportunity and give the team coming in July and in the fall some ideas of what to bring…in case you still have space:

  • A hand held fan ….Chinese store your best bet.!!
  • Soap!!
  • tooth paste,
  • tooth brushes (for the community )
  • deo (buy small ones-we had no more place ,such a treat)
  • small Vaseline (for hair and hands)
  • dresses for the house moms…summer ,light ,very simple (mostly S some M….2 large)
  • new adult underwear, always a treat.
  • card board books for children …the kind where the pages don’t rip..
  • baby toys that can’t be broken

Hope this helps…if something else comes to mind ….. I’ll write tomorrow.

OK ….time to go. We are going in the garden to play with all the little ones. Today is friday and they go to bed at 7.30 instead of 7:00 ….gotta run 🙂

Ti Fi


Barbara with Dana’s Leica






Fun time with kids – rainbow in sky


Friday – goodnight time – now to bed children

Bless you all

~much love mama babawa and papa Louis