I wrote this blog last night but we were having connection problems so we were not able to send it.

Saturday, Nov 24th

Today being Saturday we were allowed to sleep in and so Liette and I did our morning walk at 6:15 instead of 5:45. The weather has been a little cooler compared to last year which is nice when you are walking quickly and working up a sweat. Liette usually does a little half hour work out when we get back to the house. Today Liette did some yoga “stretches” if you can call them that.

Liette and Jonathan

We were able to send out the majority of the sponsor letters and photos today. We continue to run into problems though which is frustrating. Good thing there are many things going on each day to lighten the mood and give us much needed breaks.

Yvette with TiFi and Sandra

In the afternoon Liette, Mariah, Stanio (Mariah’s friend) and I rented a tap tap and went for a little tour of the countryside. We stopped at the dam and even got to go inside and get a close up look at how the water is channeled into different canals. The countryside is amazingly beautiful. We stopped in  Ti Riviere where there is a place called the Palace of 365 doors.  It was built in the 1800’s.  It would be so great to see it restored. We also took a walk around the main square stopping to talk to a tailor using a sewing machine that must have been over a hundred years old. He was ironing with a metal iron which had coals in it to keep it hot. On the way back we had to drive through a huge market. There were so many people and items that they were selling that you can’t image the noise and the sights.

heading to Ti Riviere

The guard brought over a goat for the kids to see. Last year when HATS did the goat program Liette bought the goat for Richard (the guard) and Dana presented it to him.  He was so happy that the goat we gave him had a baby and so thankful that his original plan was to bring over the young goat so we could eat it.  We convinced him to take it back so he could continue to use it to bless his family. The kids had quite the time feeding it leaves from the yard.

Feeding the goat

Then there was the nightly soccer game. It was girls (Liette, Mariah and Mirlande) against the boys (Stanio, Moise, Vladamy and JJ). I am not sure who won but it was serious soccer!


Must go and look at stars and dream about what Liette and I are presenting in church tomorrow.