The blog today is coming to you through the experiences of Gary.  What a wonderful adventure it has been! Time is passing so quickly and the team only has two full days left. It seems only like yesterday that we arrived. We have been so blessed and honored to be at this mission in HATS.

Today was an early start as usual. Some members of the team went for an early walk with the older children and others continued to prepare the job site for the team’s project.  The number of benches in the church has increased by twelve and they have been placed in the church for tomorrows’ worship services.

Church Bench Delivery


Ready for Church

Some of the team visited Radio Creole today. The station is owned by Luckner, the school principal and he permitted some of the HATS children to come and view a special soccer match between Brazil and Argentina on his studio television. Such an invitation is a treat because most homes do not have a television signal and having such modern technology is considered a luxury.



Radio Creole

A message from Cathy today:

The ladies were treated to a visit to the town market in Verrettes today.  How Karen can maneuver her truck around the paths and alley ways, dodging horses, donkeys and motorbikes is amazing!   Staying very close together for security, we wandered the market just as the locals do.   The sights, smells and atmosphere cannot be portrayed in pictures.  They can buy just about anything in the open market, from fresh goats heads, to freshly slaughtered chicken (with feathers and all), to piles of charcoal.  And as you will see from the picture below, there is a parking lot in the back for their horses.  Thank you again to Karen for sharing that experience with us.



Market valet parking

We also had a visit from two ladies who made homemade crafts. The workmanship was immaculate as expected, displaying the pride and talent that Haitians have in both their country and abilities.

Craft lady and Cathy

One feature that I was not expecting was the beautiful landscape which surrounds this vast country. The hills roll majestically around the villages capitulated by large towers of stately greenery.  These settings only enhance the beauty of the Haitian people.

Lush landscape


HATS backyard

Needless to say the food has been exquisite.  We have been so blessed with the expertise of Germaine, our team cook. She has made the transition from our home land so much more pleasant.

Germaine and veggies



I ask that you continue to pray for the team and all those associated with this beautiful ministry.  Remember the greatest command which was given by Christ was to share his love with the whole world. We continue to live in Christ’s faith to help make his world a better place. God Bless!