Bonjou. Jodi se yon bon dimanch matan…and we wish we could share the magnificent sunrise that greeted Haitians this morning.  Then again, you experienced it as it greeted our wonderful Newfoundland family and friends this morning. As we prepare for church, we are alive with anticipation.

A little recap from some activities of yesterday. Yesterday, Karen’s camo-short for camouflage and really I am being sarcastic. I can only liken it to the excited faces of children decorating the route of Downtown St. Johns anxiously awaiting the guy in the white beard and bright red suit. A white truck filled with 9 vanilla wonders journeyed to Deschapelles where Hospital Albert S. is located. It was absolutely amazing.

Then after another wonderful meal served by our fabulous cooks, we headed to the market in Verrettes. We left the compound-our Wall of Love, and landed in Discovery Channel’s Sea of clothing, chicken, goats, jewelry, sausage, veggies and anything else one can imagine.

At the market

We were then taken to the parking lot to have our photo taken among the machin yo. (donkeys)

Parking lot of the market

And now a soccer story. I, Cavell, decided to play soccer with the children yesterday. I kicked the ball twice. The first time I placed the ball on the foot of an opponent and assisted on his goal. And then on my second kick, I sprained my ankle. Ouch! I know very little about soccer – hockey is my expertise. I am a Canadian fan so I have a dear friend who will surely state that I know little about hockey as well.

While part of our team enjoyed their market experience, those of us left at the compound distributed more gifts of food into grateful hands. Echoes of mesi anpil (thank you very much) rang throughout the compound.

Food for their families

Later this afternoon we enjoyed a memorable fashion show!! Each girl in the compound received a fancy new dress for church. We decided that Karen may never have to worry about electricity again for the smiles on their faces were bright enough to light up all of the country! AS each name was called the girls would come forward and quickly run off to put on their new dresses. Coming out on the catwalk beaming brightly and blushing with pleasure over the ooos and ahhhhs received from the audience. All prepared to wear their precious garment to church in the morning!!! Our evening ended with devotions, sharing a delicious (did I mention it was delicious) mango cake made by the lovely Lois, and a visit to the rooftop with the older kids(no, not the goats). We were amazed at the beauty of the stars in the clearness of the dark night and sat in wonderful silence in awe of the our celestial light show.

Anne & Karena


Josie in her new pink dress with Emma

It is morning again and a beautiful one!! Ti Luc asked Emma to feed him breakfast but much to her dismay she hadn’t placed the bananas, peanut butter and nutuella in the right places on the plate!!! My oh my, still so much to learn. I hope we don’t miss church because of this. Trouble #2 will have to deliver the message if we do and that would surely interfere with her photography!!!!

What an awesome church service we had! Many of the school children and their families as well as staff came to join us for worship. Our team choose the selection “he’s got the whole world in his hands” to sing as our selection. Emma’s message relayed that no matter how big or small, short or tall to Jesus it doesn’t matter at all. It was based on the story of Zacceaus and Karen translated into Creole. Much singing and prayer were blended with the children’s music groups to make for a memorable morning. Each person was treated to candy and a drink as they left the service.

Our church service


Sandra sleeping in Rose Lore’s arms in church

We headed home to prepare the children for their Sunday treat!!! We all piled in the truck and headed to Papa Luckner’s to enjoy cookies and juice. Na we pita (see you later ).

Alycia with godson Dieunel


soccer uniforms made especially for a group


Two team members in uniforms

We spent a relaxing and fun afternoon before having to prepare to leave in the morning. We will go with heavy hearts that have been forever changed and the motto – “It is All About The children” resonating in our minds. We hope you have been blessed by our blogs this week as much as we have been blessed by doing them!!!

~Emma and Cavelle