Quick note from Karen before the blog. We have internet again – yay!  We found a different way to get internet on site – thanks to Luckner and here we are.  This is the last blog the team members wrote the night before they left.  This will be followed tomorrow by a thank you to that team that also has been sitting on my computer for far too long.  Then Keith will do one and we will be blogging as per normal again.  Thanks for your patience and understanding while we were without internet service.

Blog – October 13, 2014
It is with great difficulty that we write this final blog tonight, knowing that tomorrow we have to say goodbye to all the beautiful children & wonderful people at HATS. We have a torrential rain storm outside with loud claps of thunder and lightning.

We attended devotions at the school again this morning. It is such a joy to hear the children singing.

Today has been no different then the rest of our week: Al, Gary & Keith finished up the benches they were working on. They built 15 and have materials cut for another 15 to be built by another team. When the children met this morning it was good to see everyone could be seated.

The school has an enrollment of over 400 children and even though school has begun some children still  didn’t have their books.  This morning Cathy, Joan, Carol and I went to the library to assort and repair books to meet their needs.



Lily Library


Cathy Library

When Lunchtime came we were privileged to help with feeding the school children. It was an interesting process. The same meal is prepared everyday over a charcoal fire by the cooks. The children eat their meal mid morning and then the teachers start the the next subject with them.

School cooks


Lily’s new kitchen


Healthy food for 400


Inspection by the BOSS

Cathy & I had fun making Newfie  Bongos this afternoon.  The children are so musical and love to be the recipient of a drum or tambourine to play in church.



Newfie bongos

What a joy it has been to have been Haiti for a week. We have grown to love the children and feel very close to them. We have experienced Germaine’s great cooking. We have seen the beautiful scenery. We have enjoyed the singing and the way the Haitians praise God. We are going away a changed people with a great appreciation for what we have.

Little sweetie Magdala


Thank you Keith and Joan for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your team to HATS-Haiti.  Thank you for your leadership.  It has been a great experience.  We wish you all the best as we leave you behind in Haiti.

Thank you KAREN for allowing us to be a part of your awesome family. You are indeed an inspiration to all of us. Your dedication and commitment to the Haitian people is commendable.

~Lily and Al