So we finally have arrived at HATS and have put in our first day of work. We are: Joan and Keith Wight from Montreal, Russ and Louise Hopkins from Sherbrooke, Quebec and Seth and Jessie from Illnois. We are here for a week and the kids were so happy to see us. Keith and I and Jesse and Seth have been here before. It is so cool to see the kids growing and doing so well. Jonathan is walking, Sandra is talking and Anne was smiling within about a 1/2 hour of our seeing her this morning. God is good.

Joan and Russ. Waiting for Jessie & Seth to arrive

So it is my turn to do the blog today and I say we finally made it because our flight was cancelled on Monday because of a plane that had an accident taking off on Monday and blocked up the one and only runway in Port au Prince. What do you do with yourself when you are all geared up to go and you aren’t?

Louise, Russ, Keith, Jessie and Seth heading for the mission


Karen and Luckner were there yesterday to meet us, after having gone in on Monday for us as well.  It is so good to be back. We are sleeping outside in those neat bug net tents and with ear plugs the donkeys and roosters and dogs don’t sound nearly so loud! Now if the spiders would just stay away it’ll be a great week!

First morning for team. Time with kids before school

Today was a painting and playing day, with a little time at school thrown in.  As I am writing this the older kids have a basketball game going with Seth and Jesse and Kieth and Brad.  Russ and Louise are getting to know the younger ones.

Team leader Keith


Team members delivering the meal to preschoolers


Russ with Ti Luc at school


Keith & Karen cleaning out drain at water tap at school

There is always something to do and Karen has decreed that we will be on the radio tomorrow night and sing! Yikes!

Louise with Josie and Jofky


Kids enjoying time with Jessie



Thank you to all who helped us get here cause it is all about the kids.

God bless.