Machetes are very valuable and useful in Haiti as a tool for many things.

In our developed culture we have a lot of tools and instruments plus saws (even chainsaws), axes, and all sorts and sizes of knives. Here the choice of tool/instrument is a machete.  It is used when planting, harvesting, killing animals (goats, pigs, chickens, cows, etc) for meat.  I have seen it used often to cut vegetables and fruit. I have seen it also seen it used by children as a toy with some rags tied into a ball on the tip of it.

It is used a lot for cutting down branches and even large trees. This morning a very large tree on the property next door that had encroached over our property was cut down by the neighbours, who had hired someone to do the job.  He nimbly shimmied up the tree and started hacking at it with a machete.  Sounded like a hammer was being used on  wood instead of a tree being cut down.  No chain saw sounds, no hand saw even.  It is amazing what they can do with the very basic of tools. When a job needs to be done Haitians know how to handle it.

Big tree about to come down with a machete


Limbs all need to go, then the tree itself


Need to go higher to cut

On our own property this morning two HATS employees were also working on trees and branches with machetes as well.  A tree from the property to the right of ours had grown over unto the girl’s home causing danger from the electrical lines running there.  Too, it provided an unsafe place for anyone wishing to come unto the property without being seen.  That had to be cleaned up too. Euguene and Merise worked with machetes on that problem.

Merise doing the splits but not on the ground


Chopping down other branches and cleaning it up.

Luckner has been working all week at school with teachers on report cards.  Tomorrow is the day they receive their report cards, enjoy a ‘fet Noel’ which will include a Christmas program by the students in the church and a special Christmas meal. It will be a full and enjoyable day for the children.  I am sure Luckner and the teachers will be glad to see it all finished tomorrow.  A break is definitely in store for them.

Our children are enjoying their school break.  They are daily helping with various chores (albeit some of them need to be forced), riding bikes, using the swing set a lot, and enjoying a video most days. Some of these things may change when the report cards are given tomorrow.  Did they work this semester?  Did they not?  The results will be known tomorrow.

Two helpers. Wheelbarrow full.


Morning chores when school is out


Pause in playtime


Jofky reading to Sonson


Sonson holding on tightly

The next blog will have photos of the school Christmas party and our church service on Sunday along with a photo of all our kids by the Christmas tree.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for notes, greetings, gifts for the kids, and funds to enable me to provide a nice Christmas for them.  It will be done on behalf of our HATS friends and supporters.

God bless you all.