It is wonderful to be back in Newfoundland.

Comfortably waiting to checkin to fly to our happy place – Newfoundland

There is a lot of beauty to be found across our awesome country of Canada. Every province and territory has different kinds of beauty. Our, Happy Place, however, is Newfoundland. An island unique in every way, including language. The rugged coast line, the small quaint peaceful towns with unsurpassed friendliness for anyone and everyone, including those who ‘Come From Away’, is a place where both Luc and his Mama love to be.

James, Luc and Sophie-loving cousins


Boy with a pipe

We have been back in Newfoundland only a week and a half yet, but it feels so ‘right’.  This is the third time here for Luc and already he is saying ‘Can we please stay here Mama’. Please!

Jennifer with the boy in the new duds she bought him

Showing Uncle Don how to fix something on his phone

Reading while drinking

We have seen a lot of the island already in this short time. Luc has seen puffins and whales, and is hoping to see moose while here.

Enjoying the puffins

Puffin watching

Resting on the Puffin walk

Sightseeing in Trinity Bay

On the water with Uncle Don. Saw two whales

He has seen his cousin Robyn doing fantastic acting in two plays, ‘No Man’s Land’ and ‘Harry Hibbs Returns’.  He has visited with Emma and Don while at Trinity. He has spent time with lovable cousins from Newfoundland’s west coast.  He’s been out in boat in front of the house where we are staying with his Uncle Don and saw two whales. He has been visited and spoiled by cousin Jennifer who is a part of our wonderful HATS family.

Awaiting the start of Harry Hibbs Returns with our own Robyn

Family photo after watching Robyn do a superb job of acting in Harry Hibbs Returns

With cousin Robyn

He loves to walk daily in Springdale and always proclaims “I love it here, Mama”.

Morning walk

We plan to be here in Newfoundland until we return to Haiti mid October. Anyone wishing to see us can find us on the waterfront in Springdale.  Then we head back again to Haiti and our precious Haitian family awaiting our return.

Blessings.  Karen