Luc has continued to learn that what other children can do naturally with their hands. He can do too – but differently.

This boy has come a long way and will no doubt, in his timing and in his way, continue to learn and accomplish things that other children do. Luc is pleased, as is his mama, with his accomplishments this year during his therapy and followup practice times in Canada. After spending months trying to force his arms and hands to eat as others do, his arms still refused to do what Luc wanted them to do. As Luc puts it ‘my arms won’t listen to my brain’. The therapy then moved to using his legs and feet for this just as he uses them when doing school work on his laptop, iPad, blackboard and white board. He is learning to feed himself in this manner instead.

Therapist Tegan loosening up the left hip

Peeling his orange

Almost there

In the mouth

Preparing his toast

The boy loves dogs

Helping big sister in the kitchen

Skateboarding – thanks to Tevan

He still has a love of soccer. He thoroughly enjoyed playing with a team this year. He delights in learning new soccer skills and practicing them.

Happy soccer boy

Go Luc go

Luc in action

His love of drumming is quite strong as well. We have both feeling blessed, by people who saw him and Alvin Law on the National, wanting to give him drums of his own so he can continue to learn and develop the skills of a drummer. He will, hopefully, be able to learn and practice in Calgary and in Haiti. A big thank you to those who have reached out to gift us with drums.

Wants to be a drummer

This is a very special week as we get to spend it at the famous Harambee camp in BC’s Okanagan once more, with Liette and family, and with Dana and family. Luc has been waiting for this week since he attended last summer.

Happy at the Harambee camp

Luc and friend Josiah

Loving his week with family and friends at camp