Hello everyone! It’s Camilla and Tania here – the only two women on this amazing journey. Well, we may be the only women on the trip from Roma but we have to say that what’s most awesome about this wonderful place is that most of it is run by women! Girl power!

Karen Huxter is an incredible, energizer bunny, and inspiring person who, 20 years ago started H.A.T.S. and is now overseeing 16 orphans and 430 kids in a school she started. Wow! Besides the men that keep the compound secure, the rest of the staff are primarily women who take of the kids, cook, clean, and do the laundry by hand. Their work here is more than just a job – they care for these children with as much love as a mother would with her own child.


The House Mothers here at H.A.T.S seem to be incredibly strong, both physically and emotionally. As a mother of 3, when I see these ladies taking care of 16 kids, it makes me think how easy my trek to Costco with my 3 little ones really is.

Coming from a single woman’s perspective, and not having to worry about anyone but myself (and my dog), it’s almost mind-blowing how easily I transitioned into temporary “motherhood”. Loving 16 children at once is possible, and it gives me food for thought about becoming a full-time mother one day.






The experience here has surpassed even the far reaches of what we could have ever imagined. It has opened our eyes and our hearts to the real meaning of the word “love”. Love is more than just an emotion and a word – it is an Action. We are fortunate and blessed to have been part of this terrific experience. We’ve not only bonded with these beautiful children and incredible people here in this little piece of heaven, we’ve found this sisterhood that has forever bonded us… Haiti Sisters!



~Camilla and Tania