I’ve tried several times today to put some of my thoughts and memories into words but have not been able to complete anything. Each time I just broke down in tears. My memories and emotions have been rollercoasting. Thank you to the many who contacted me today.

This morning I was up around 4:00 and had some quiet time in reflection of the past year, how difficult it has been. The earthquake, (memories of what I saw and heard, all the deaths, the pain, the suffering, the magnitude of it all and unable to change it). Then the death of my precious 18 year old daughter, Serlande, who I saw as a secondary victim of the quake. She was unable to get near the hospital for needed help, before it was too late. Then the cholera hit in this area first and started to spread. That was followed by Hurricane Thomas and the cholera spread like wildfire. To top it off, the fraudulent joke of an election and the aftermath of that. The earthquake survivors are still suffering badly, cholera is still spreading, especially in the mountainous areas, and the so called election is not yet finished. Help, Lord.

I sat in thankfulness to my Lord, to my family and friends, and to all HATS supporters. I would not have made it through the year without all of you. I am also thanking my Lord for every thing I experienced this past year, for all the pain and for every tear I shed. I am thanking Him for the strength he gave me to keep on going and to keep on giving love, in every possible way, to everyone I could, in His name. This past year has enabled me to grow even stronger in many ways, and more dedicated to do what I can to help the Haitian people with whatever years I have left.

I spent time remembering and thinking about how it was, and is, and will continue to be, for hundreds of thousands of precious people in this country. And the tears fell. Haiti needs help – a great deal of help. But how? When? And where will it start? Really start?

This year has clearly shown that the path we are on in this life can be changed instantly. The Bible tells us to ‘ be prepared’ . We are all here for a certain amount of time. Too often we do not see the eternal side of life but put our focus on ourselves and getting ahead. If we would all use our earthly time to give a little help to others we would make a big difference.

Thank you for all the prayer support, your loving encouragement, your financial support, and for understanding when I could not respond. I will never forget all that you did.

May God bless you all.

With love,

~Karen and the children