It is said that all good things must come to an end and so this is my last day in Haiti. It has been a very restful time for my physical being and for my soul. Thank you dear Lord and thank you Karen. My husband is slowly dementing now and is close to losing his short term memory , which has been very difficult to witness and to adjust to. My stay at HATS has given me time for reflection and meditation and I will go home refreshed and renewed.

When I spoke at devotions this morning I told everybody that I was reminded of a hymn with the line
‘Worship and Devotion shall be one’ . This is definitely how I see HATS. Once we accept Christ all that we do and say should be in service to Him. I also told them that no one job was more important than the other – all are equal in God’s eyes. Most important of all are the children. And the example that is being set for them here at HATS – for it is the children who are the future and the hope of Haiti. I will always remember the beautiful voices raised in praise each weekday morning and that will comfort me when I have struggles.

We went to the beach yesterday and it was a wonderful day. It was not only the children who were having a joyful time, but also the house mothers. They were doing somersaults in the water and splashing about having a refreshing break from their daily routines. It was very obvious that eating in a restaurant, where the children were so well behaved, was almost more of a highlight than the swimming.

Beach – Here we come!!


Beach day. Mariah with Jofky


Beach Time


Meal in restaurant at beach


Little Karena in big restaurant. Still eating slowly


Was a good day. Time to go home.

To Karen’s family – I have been successful in firmly suggesting that Karen rest. She has actually taken a number of short rests and several times went to bed early. Thank you, Lord. Karen admitted today that she has never taken so many short breaks since she has moved to Haiti !!!

Of course at this time I will be leaving my precious granddaughter, Mariah, behind. All of my grandchildren are bi-cultural and I have watched Mariah these past two weeks as she attempts to find her niche here. There is a lot of “North America” that struggles with Haiti as it is so different. I have always called her Precious since she came into our lives. She is beautiful inside and out and will continue to grow into a loving Christian woman. Her Papa Don and I are so proud of her.

I will take with me all the love that has been shown to me, the hugs and kisses of the children, and the wonderful warm hugs from the staff. I will especially miss Ti Luc, and Martha singing praises while she works in the kitchen.

Ti Luc and Nana

A great big huge thank you to the Lord and to Karen for this time in my life.