To start off the day we had a wonderful breakfast of fruit and cereal. The weather was hot and beautiful today, as it has been every other day (No below zero here).  After breakfast we unpacked and sorted the totes filled with supplies from the gracious donations made by many. YAY!

A room filled with donations from Newfoundlanders for people in our area

Shortly after we went over to the HATS school and served the children snacks for recess. The children’s laughter and sweet voices filled the school walls.

Alycia enjoying time with her sponsored child during recess

We then had a little rest to hydrate and recoup. We were quickly put to work and started painting the Girls House (Kay Timbermart). Together we quickly refreshed the paint job on the house and hope to finish it early tomorrow morning to beat the heat. Many hands make light work. (NB A new coat of paint for this place was started by Liette & Rick in March – now being finished by this team.)

New paint job for Kay Timbermart

For Dinner we had Goat and ‘kalalou’ sauce (kalalou is okra) with rice and bean sauce, The goat tastes alot like MOOSE for you Newfies reading. (Yes Mom Hobbs, I did eat it).

We then gathered all the children and staff into the Boy’s Homes old kitchen and hid from Ti Luc and Karen to surprise them upon their arrival from Port Au Prince. You should have seen their faces!

After that we picked out small gifts for each of the children (2 outfits of clothes and a toy) from the supplies that were donated. Each Child received a gift- the joy
and excitement was Phenomenal.

Girls happy with new dresses
New duds for the boys too

Before Supper we had a MANGO Eating Contest. And Boy was it a tasty mess of fun!! In the blink of an eye supper was here! Haitian Macaroni and cheese, Yummy and very different from Moms )Haha).

Mango eating contest


A special lady at her best


JJ loves his mangos and loves to laugh

Not long after supper we played with the children and then attended devotions. We all sing- Although we struggle with Creole we are starting to catch on to some songs. (often times finding ourselves humming them throughout the day). Each child has their own time to sing individually- SO PRECIOUS!!

While attempting to write this blog 3 nut cases/old folks (Cavell, Emma and Doreen) decided to sing I’se Da B’ye for us! Oh MY, Silly Newfies we are!!

The three nutcases

Best Honey Moon EVER! (Even though we are sleeping in separate tents)

All of our lives are FOREVER changed.

~Bon Nwit.