Early to rise and back to work for the building team.

7 a.m. start  for last day at church

According to Captain Bob, we not only met, but exceeded all expectations. All the studs, all the framing and the majority of the strapping ready for the next group to put on the finishing touches. A good two days and it will be done.

Bob the Builder and Karen admiring the handiwork of the team


Team has done what they can and now saying Bye

Mean time, the Hats kids made life-size self portraits which now add colour and cheer to their bedrooms.

Adonna’s art project well underway with the kids


Art work – this is Dieunel, Judel & Jofky


Art work with Adonna.  JJ by JJ


Mirlande & Anne


Ti Luc painted himself with his feetcaption

Then some interesting roadside shopping for a supply line for a faucet, some gas for the tap tap, some frozen chicken, phone cards and Pringles!! A quick pit stop for the group to Luckner’s for refreshments: it continues to be extremely hot here.

Break ad Enter by Bob and his accomplice Scotty

We returned tonight for Les Blanc’s live rendition of Amazing Grace on Radio Station 104.7. It was fun.

Aldonna speaking to the listeners


Team singing at Radio Station

When there was a chance today, lots of play with the little ones. It was hard to say good-bye.

Ti Luc being put to bed by two young ladies – last night together


Tomorrow, up early for flights to Canada as we head to Montreal and various directions from there. From all of us, from the bottom of our heart, thank you to Karen, Mariah and the kids at Hats Haiti for hosting such a magnificent visit. A la prochaine!