We were up before 4:00 a.m. and off early to head to the airport.

Early morning leaving for airport


Safe arrival at the airport


Heading into the airport to leave us

Liette and Yvette worked, worked, and worked some more – every day – morning, afternoon, and evenings on the school sponsoring program.

They squeezed in some fun times with the children which was important for the kids as well as for them.  They managed to get off the compound a couple of times but all the rest of the time indeed was spent working.   Now, all sponsoring lists for the school are on exel and are so organized I am almost afraid to use them.  Liette, however, assures me that if anything gets mixed up she will be able to help me fix it.  Hopefully I can follow her well set up lists without screwing it up too badly.  Next year should be a little easier due to all the work they did and changes made this year.

One of the reasons they had to work all the time was that my computer did not co-operate very well at all.  It almost drove Liette nuts, and to be honest, I am glad it did as she now knows what I have been putting up with far too long.  Besides, now she sees that I have a reason to be ‘nuts’ – more so than normal even. I can now blame it on putting up with, and wasting valuable time on my computer, that refuses to be the help it should be.  Did I say wasting valuable time?   It is extremely difficult to waste time when you already do not have enough time to get things done.  I offered to help Liette with the computer, by shooting it and putting it, and her, out of misery.  A decision was made to not shoot it before Jim comes in January.  I, however, am not sure I can wait that long, as I returned from PAP today, after dropping Liette and Yvette off, to find the computer did not want to cooperate with me and allow me to check and respond to emails.    Hopefully I will be able to get this short blog done and off at least.

Shoot it and put it, and us, out of misery

Liette – Thank You.  Yvette – Thank You.  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!

Blessings everyone.