The entire group is here with me (Brooks). This way I don’t have to think up everything and they keep me from making fun of them. We’ve
entitled today’s blog “Lessons Learned One Sunday in Haiti”

1. If you go to church and you know Djemima is singing, bring a tissue (or box). For some reason, her voice made our allergies act up.

Djemima singing beautifully and in English

2. If you go to church wearing a skirt and sit next to TiLuc, don’t sit in front of a group of men in case TiLuc gets excited, waves his arm, and accidentally causes you to flash all the men of the church (Julie only)

3. Stretch before church. There will be dancing.

4. Don’t count on Jennifer, even though she’s the only one in your group with singing talent, to start off your special music for the church. Once again, Brooks will have to step up and make it happen.

Who is going to get us started here

In all seriousness, we learned what Thankfulness and Worship is all about watching the community praise the Lord on the 4 year anniversary of the earthquake. It was an honor and awe-inspiring thing to witness.

5. 25 people can fit in Karen’s truck. Brooks and Jake are still hurting from the ride.

Our chauffeur Keith. Karena waiting for Mama to join her


Truck is full – inside and out


25 people in the truck. Heading to Papa Luckner’s

6. Lange de Laternel, Luckner’s store, does not carry ice cream (Tina the newbie only. Yep, she actually believed David’s story)

7. Jake and Brooks make a cute couple. We discovered this when TiFi made them hold hands during the Sunday afternoon movie time. For the first time, Jake expressed PDA with someone other than Jennifer. I did not enjoy it, but I love Tifi and will do anything she tells me to.

8. If you beat the kids at soccer once, they will come back the next day with a vengeance. We were slaughtered 11-4.

Third day straight of soccer


Soccer break. Brooks with Luckner’s two boys

9. Karen ‘Uxter ‘ad a ‘ard time learning to huse ‘er H’s. She yelled at ‘er huniveristy’s dean hover the whole thing. Great story. We learned a bunch of Newfie phrases like “Stick your wood in ma oven” or something like that and “Yer nerves are making me coffee run”. I’m not sure these were accurate, but that’s close enough, b’y.

10. Most importantly, we learned the stories of how all these incredible kids were taken in and given the hope of an amazing life by this wonderful place.

Time to quit blogging and go have a snack. We’re all just ‘bout gutfounded.