Do you remember those days when school was closed for a few days and you had nothing on your schedule? Yesterday was a day like that here at HATS.  So we declared it CARNIVAL DAY!

After a fun morning of play and lunch and even a video, then Keith and Karen and I started “THE GAMES”.
The teams had: matching jerseys, a variety of ages and skills and lots of enthusiasm.

Go team Go


Jofky you can do it.

The kids had a blast doing the games and we had a blast watching them have fun. There was lots of laughter at the twister game!

Which hand where?


Do not drop the balloon

I polled the kids and by far the best game was the water balloon relay. Now everything was very civilized to start as each team member ran up to the bucket and took a balloon in their teeth. No hands allowed! It was too cute to see Jonathan and Sandra trying to keep the balloon in their teeth. That’s hard to figure out at age three!

Come back ballon

Then the first balloon was thrown by guess who?

Suddenly water was going everywhere and the shrieks of laughter went up from everyone. They all scattered trying not to get hit!

Every man for himself


Batman lives

The fun continued as we all headed to the devotion room to put on costumes and beads for our Carnival March for Jesus. The drums and tambourines appeared and even Magdala joined in. Up and down the compound they went singing and playing.

Carnival Parade


Magdala has lots of sisters

The day ended with cupcakes (Sandra, we figured out the right place for the knob on the oven to bake properly!) and juice and the end of the video.

Fun day

It’s All About The Children! ( and sometimes we get to join in the fun too!)