Last night we observed our favorite Team Texas Tradition – sitting up on the rooftop with Karen, talking about life, looking at the gorgeous Haitian sky, and spending time encouraging and praying for Karen. We learned that apparently we at Team Texas aren’t the only ones who have to listen to DG. As Karen informed us last night, God agreed to send her to Haiti after she told Him she wasn’t going to China. We’re thankful God upheld His end of the bargain, as Amarillo, TX to China is a really long flight.

This morning the boys set to finishing up their tasks set before them by Associate Director of Team Maintenance, Keith. Milford and Kyle finished the utility room cabinet and also replaced the faulty light socket in Ti-Luc’s bathroom. Every team needs a Mechanical Engineer who can also do a little electrical work on the side. Just don’t tell his union. Thanks Milford. Every team also needs a pastor who happily assists the Black Blanc while also humming the bass line of our favorite hymns and praying fervently that Milford is not electrocuted.

guys and cabinet

Julie American, Jordan, Morgan, and Claire did some paint touch up, assisted Joan in the devotional room depot, and were mobbed by the Pre K students during their recess.

mobbing of the girls

Brooks and David sun-bathed on the hot tin roof, cut their arms on the barbed wire, and fingers on the tin. It was hot. How hot was it, Brooks? It was so hot, Brooks did his best Seth Huber impersonation and went tank top on all of us. Thanks for showing us your snow-white guns.

David and Brooks celebrating

After work was done, it was time for well-deserved play, including Hockey Night in Deschapelles. This fun was followed by the other Texas Traditions – handing out our team shirts and then praying for all the kids.











The worst part of every trip is saying good-bye to so many sweet faces. But we know they’re in the very best of hands.  And we hope we got enough done that Keith can spend his last few weeks here with his feet up enjoying mango smoothies. Eh!

~Brooks & David