This has been our last full day here at HATS. It is a bittersweet day. We are sad to leave Karen, Jocelyn, all the children and the staff here BUT anxious to see our families especially grandchildren again.

We said our goodbyes to the staff this morning at devotions and said goodbye to the children tonight. There were tears tonight and will be more tomorrow morning as we say goodbye to Karen and Jocelyn.

We are hoping to get some photos of the big blood moon tonight.

Please remember HATS: Karen, Luckner and family, Jocelyn, children and staff in your prayers.

Photos below will tell some of our stories.


Dickieson with his new bike and helmet and he was riding it in no time

Jocelyn surrounded by students at recess

Grade 8 students with love gifts

Karen and Jocelyn trying out the new bikes

Dickie and Ti Dickie

Dickie learning to write his name in preschool 3

Magdala with her new bike and helmet

Morning prayer before school

Moise caught sleeping,he was a good sport about it!

Mama and Jocelyn have to reach up for JJ

Our missionary cooks well too

Very little left

Sunset our last evening