Well folks  It is our last day and there is always a certain amount of sadness and joy when we come to the end of a trip . We look forward to our homes and loved ones but there is a part of us that wants to stay and be near these dear dear children. They open their hearts and arms to you when you enter the front gate.  They give you laughter and tears all week long and then they cry and hug you  when they know you are going away. Being near that kind of unconditional love  effects us all very  deeply.  So we leave part of our hearts here and promise to return.

Blogger Gerry


Jonathan cuddling with Gerry


Sandra cuddling with Brian De

Saturday night we were at Radio Station Creole giving our testimony in word and song of our great love for our Lord and Savior  Jesus, how He has changed our lives  and made us more than we could ever be without Him.   I really believe that this radio station is having a profound effect on all the people of this valley in a very positive way. There are many stories of people coming to accept the Lord through the message of love given out thru this media which reaches thousands of people.  God can use anything and anybody as long as they are open to His direction for their lives.


Radio Creole

I must say that there was twice this week when  my heart swelled and I felt the presence of God in a really really strong way.  Once when we were taking part in the early morning devotion at the school, when you get to see and hear 150 kids worshiping God with everything they have and see  teachers worshiping right
along with them.

Very back of devotion room at school


Devotions is finished. Flag is about to be raised.

Then Sunday morning at Church, 110 Haitians of all ages but mostly young  children, teenagers and a few white guys all worshiping God.  To see the joy on their faces as they worship is a wonderful thing .  We have  a great team.    I think all were called to be here and they worked so very very  hard all week long.  Thank you guys you were fantastic.  I am sure that they will answer the call again when God calls on them to serve Him, wherever that may be.

Canadian team singing in church

The final work was completed, the roofing showed up in the afternoon and the guys were right on it to make sure they left with their work completed.   So we bid you adieu, thank you for following our week . Thank you for your prayers and support.

Very thankful more roofing was found in PAP


Bob & Brian putting finishing touches on the roof

As a final thought we are in constant need of people to support our school program.  If you feel God’s leading in this please get in contact with us. Thank you and God Bless You All.