Like every other day since we arrived, there was work work work! There’s was lots of admin things to do since Karen has been spending her time up on the roof, it’s really been backed up! Occasionally when she figured we’d done enough work she would give us 5 mins to lie on the floor and attempt to cool off.

Late afternoon, Eugene cut down coconuts for us. Coconut milk is absolutely amazing and fresh coconut is just as good. Yummy..

Coconuts cut from a tree in our compound

The boys got their hair cut today. Did you know Karen has 16 kids? Apparently they have been around all this time. We knew of one… JJ who occasionally comes up looking for mama, mama.. . Keith Wight, I hear you’ve met him before too….

It’s too bad she didn’t tell us she had all those cuties until now! I guess she was worried, we wouldn’t work as much if there was fun things to do… Like play with the kiddies! Just kidding, we spent the evening down hanging out with all of them one last time (for this trip). They have been practicing cooking on charcoal. very lucky for us… We’ve have some delicious French fries, rice and corn. Today they were making corn!

Kids learning to cook. They share the bounty


Corn harvested this morning that ws planted by the older kids


Kids are practicing their cooking skills again today

After some time with the children, we rounded out our last night by listening to the pouring rain which made our last night of sleeping amazing. We even needed to cover up in a sheet!! We also had one last amazing meal by our chef, Germaine, and some pretty good company.

A huge thank you to aunt Karen, who always seems to be doing something with her children and the HATS mission. The only time she takes for herself is long enough to spread some almond butter on a banana that she eats on the run. Thank you so much for all your hard work and unwavering dedication. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you for putting up with us for 9 days and not once trying to send us away early. We are praying you’ll forget what it’s like to have us around so we can come back again soon. We love you and our Haitian family very much. The longer I spend at HATS, the bigger piece of my heart remains. Take care of yourself and our kiddies until we see each other again.

~J & J