We have had a wonderful time and as much as we miss our kids home in Canada, we are sad to leave Haiti. Goodbyes are never fun especially when it’s people you love.

Today we had a beautiful sunrise walk along the canal, organized some donated items and school supplies, and finished a few more sponsor letters and photos. After work, we visited the hospital so Yvette would have a chance to see it and Jacques bought and prepared some sugar cane for us.

Canal sunrise


Sugar cane

Martha made my favourite meal: diri djon djon with chicken and salad. Delicious!

Martha’s amazing meals

Late this afternoon, we had a ton of fun with a great water fight with all of the kids. They LOVED it! We followed that with a last walk along the canal. Part-way home we stopped for a little snack that the kids enjoyed, happily sharing three drinks between them.



Ti Luc getting wet


Last canal walk


Josie sharing with Dieunel

Of course we had a final soccer game and then lots of goodbyes and hugs. We’ll miss Karen, Mariah, all of the kids and the staff at Hands Across the Sea. We’ll be back!

~Liette (for Yvette, Karen and the HATS gang)