Good Morning Haiti! Once again the local farm animals provided an appropriate wake up call. Our last full day in Haiti and what a week it has been. A tremendous thank you to “mum” (Karen) and her team here at HATS. They have been more than gracious with their time, space and understanding. When you can actually catch up with the red-headed whirlwind, Karen really does make it easy to come along and serve with.

If we North Americans had ½ the love, compassion, grit, determination and staying power of our fearless leader here at HATS, then there would be no telling what the Lord could do through us back home. Yet, we tend to serve only when convenient and love when not moved outside our comfort zone. Oh, dear Lord change me, change us.

Last night, most of the team (minus Engineer and Sparky) traveled to Varettes and helped Missionary James set up drive in (or walk in) movie night. James provides a wonderful ministry to the people of Haiti with his evangelistic films. Todd conservatively counted over 750 people in attendance last night as we stood for over two hours and enjoyed praise & worship videos and then a double feature of films that present the gospel in the native language and traditions. The popcorn was great too.

We also picked up Todd yesterday from the Comfort House. He has more stories to tell than all of us combined. He is still processing all of them at this time but we expect to have a detailed report within 3 days of our arrival back in the states.

Todd was glad to see his sister-in-law Ramona, a red Gatorade, a candy bar, a Coca Cola, M&Ms, a shower (he almost cried) and a swing. He was only disappointed when we explained to him that we had finished the Blue Bell ice cream two days before.

Today will be filled with loving the kids, another run to St. Marc to pick up some more electrical wire (they don’t call it estimating for nothing), loving the kids, continued work on the second floor addition, loving on kids, sorting the assortment of things we brought from US/Canada and then loving on the kids.

Your prayers for Haiti are so important. Pray for a spiritual awakening in this country. Pray the truth and knowledge of Christ’s love would be known in an intimate way by our friends here. Pray we would know the same. Pray for a community of believers to be brought together here for mutual encouragement and edification. Imagine serving the Lord at this level without a strong local support group of fellow believers (back to serving the Lord bit when it is convenient).

The need is great yet the answer is so simple for all of us – Christ and His love.

Lord, we yield ourselves to you today. Use us for Your glory!