So our time is up at HATS and how sad we are to be going. We have had many wonderful experiences this week and there is never a dull moment around here. It is so hard to believe that our week with Karen and the kids is at an end.

We had a wonderful day starting with church over at the school. The highlight for me was the kids choir and what a joy to see them singing their hearts out to Jesus.  JJ was playing a drum or so I thought until he sat down at a table and began tapping away on that. What a great drummer he is. So now a box drum is needed for him!

Kids Choir

After church we all piled into the truck and took off for Papa Luckner’s place to have juice and cookies, a regular treat for the kids. Russ kept saying he was going to let the RCMP know about our trip down the road with so many in one truck. He was in the front with Jonathan and Sandra on his knee, enjoying every minute with the little ones.

After church outing to Papa Luckner’s


Going to Papa’s for juice and cookies


Truck filled to the max inside too

We have had to move our tents only once this week and that this afternoon as we witnessed a torrential downpour with wind. All was saved from getting soaking wet…all except ourselves.  Louise and JJ and Moise took advantage of the rain and got under the down spout to get cooled off.

Playing in the rain

After the rain there was a soccer game on the school compound – Haitian against Blan.

Soccer match


Goalie Keith lying down on this too

The last hockey game was played just after devotions tonight and their was fierce competion on the “ice”.  All ended well with both teams shaking hands at the end!

Hockey is a hit

The little kids were marching up and down the driveway with Jesse and that turned into races. Sandra’s little legs were just a pumping up and down trying to keep up. So cute!

Go Sandra go. You can keep up.

To God be the glory great things He has done and continues to do here at HATS through Karen and Lois and Brad Reimer. We ended this beautiful day praying for them and the kids and all that God has in store for them all.

Goodbye for now …

~Joan and Keith, Russ and Louise and Seth and Jesse.