Greetings in The Name of our Saviour and Lord, Jesus The King

HATS Haiti – after the fresh air trip in the back of the pickup from the Blue Ridge International for Christ guest house in Santo, near Port-au-Prince, Catrina and I(Joel) were able to untangle our legs upon arrival , Carol having ridden in the cab! During the trip, we survived about 16 drops of rain and the beggars along the way when we stopped in Montrouis for a few minutes – Catrina’s first such encounter.

Arrival at Luckners after long, hot drive in back of truck

The ladies of the kitchen at HATS – Germaine & Marguerite – served us a great Haitian supper of chicken and veggies soup and Haitian rolls. Since then they have treated us with many of the foods we have missed since we left Haiti in 1999.

Germaine preparing a delicious meal


Martha helping Germaine

As Karen Huxter says – “It’s all about the children!” and it is! We have had great interactions with them individually and as a group. They are quite content, which speaks volumes about the quality of care they receive on a continual basis.

Catrina and Sandra


Carol with Jonathan

Catrina says that the food is the highlight so far for her, even the oatmeal. She has been enjoying interacting with the children and the staff and is really picking up the language. Carol is making a great comeback with her Kreyol and is having a good time with the children and staff.

Some of Karen’s kids


Anne, Ismyis & Sandra

I, Joel, of course am struggling more with the Kreyol, but have had the opportunity to build a swing seat for Karen to use when the children are swinging.

Swing for Karen going up


Karen with a swing that is not hard on the hips

The three of us have put together the next payroll and that has helped us to remember the money system.

Please pray for Karen and the ministry here. They all need support and safety is a big concern.

Right now, the school is out for the summer, so repairs and new construction have begun to make for improvements for the next session.

measuring for school kitchen

Gotta go for now.

In the service of The Eternal One,

~Joel for Carol and Catrina and the staff and children.