What a beautiful morning for a walk down to Papa Luckner’s house along the Ti Canal with the older kids. It was a little tricky in places because the canal is overflowing the edges and making the path muddy, so we had to get creative to keep from getting our shoes all muddy. Djemima was being the most careful not to get her shoes muddy and JJ was washing his shoes off in the canal.

sunrise over the mountains

When we arrived back at HATS the younger kids were all lined up and had formed their own marching band. I wish you could have heard their joyful noise! One had an empty pop bottle with rocks in it, one had a stick hitting a large piece of tree bark and everyone was singing.

marching band

The kids are always thinking up things to do together, whether it’s putting together puzzles, reading, or colouring, they (sometimes!) play well together. I love to see the kids helping one another without even being asked.

Ti Luc being pushed on bike


Magdela checking on Sonson


Sandra holding Magdela



Well, they almost always get along. You might notice someone sitting in the time-out chair in the background when everyone else is working on the puzzle. We must learn not to chew on one another’s arms!

Mike had another opportunity to go with Keith to a local market to buy a replacement dishpan. It was the next best thing to Walmart! Keith knows where to get the good deals!

Mike at the market

In our last blog we mentioned Mike’s visit to the hospital and seeing some of the original plantation homes. We forgot to include a picture, so here’s one of one of those homes.

plantation homes

~Mike and Nicki