Hi, Joan here. It is good to be back with Karen and the kids. It’s Saturday here on the compound and that means lots of time to play after chores and homework has been taken care of.

I was able to catch the older boys, Moise and JJ on camera playing with their younger brothers and sisters. At 14 and 15 years of age, they are well past playing with the younger ones, but every once in a while… Everyone had a blast with the parachute!

Parachute Fun

Ti Luc is the hunter this time

Dickieson is caught

Now, today, there is bunch of the kids playing under the stairs up to the apartment. They were very proud to call me as I passed and tell me they were planning a garden đŸŒœđŸđŸ„•. They were busy digging up the weeds, making rows in the dirt and digging holes for the “pois” and “mais” they were going to plant. Jofky wanted peas (pois) and Jonathan wanted corn (mais) planted. Last I heard they were still discussing it!

Jofky supervising the farm

Jonathan is very pleased with the progress

It is such a treat to see the kids playing and creating. That garden should keep them busy for at least the rest of today? Or am I dreaming!