Thank you so very much!!!  You not only fly high in the skies, you fly high here at HATS too.  In the work you do, in relationships with the children, relationships with the employees, and certainly not forgetting with myself and Luckner.

Keith’s last night- almost 9 o’clock – finishing up the school kitchen

How about returning to us again now.  After all you have been home with Joan for three nights. No?   I know, I know we can’t be greedy.  No doubt the lovely lady needs her husband and most likely has a long  “Keith Do” list.

Mr. Blogger

Folks, it was very difficult to see Keith walk into the airport. He walked out of sight and Luckner drove a short distance, stopped for him and Daniel to look for something to drink, i.e. to give Karen a chance to control the tears.  I knew I was returning home to handle the daily running of the onsite mission work alone once more.  And to do so without any fellowship or fun to help.  I should be used by now to seeing family off at the airport and facing returning alone to the mission.  Still gets me.  Oh me nerves Keith b’y.  Oh me nerves!!

Half way to the airport. Keith happy. Me not so much


Airport arrival

The children enjoyed a game of basketball with Keith the afternoon before he left.  They have mentioned several times since, after finishing homework and studying, that they wish Keith were still here to play too.

Fun with Keith


Oops, where is the ball


While the others play Ti Fi is hugging Djemima


Judel & Ti Luc enjoy the swings while basketball is on

It is obvious that everyone connected with HATS are  missing his presence big time.  Everyone wants him to return real soon – with Joan.  I just miss him more because he was such a fantastic help in everything in every way.  Too, as I said on an earlier blog – Keith fell from the same ‘nut tree’  in Newfoundland as my siblings and I.  Two other family members, Dickie and Jim, by the way, fell from branches of that same tree that had been carried to NS and to BC some years back.  Having a great sense of humour is important anywhere one lives, but here in Haiti it is often the saving grace of a day.

Until we meet again

So is this blog about saying ‘thank you’?  You bet it is.  Is this blog about saying ‘you are missed’?  You bet it is.  Is this blog saying ‘Please hurry and come back with the lovely Joan’.  YOU BET IT IS.

HATS   IS    ALL   ABOUT   THE   CHILDREN.    People like Keith help me keep it that way.

Blessings everyone.