We made it with all the bags! and we are so excited to be here. Let me tell you who has come to Hats this week. Keith and Joan Wight from Montreal have brought a team with them…all “newbies” to Hats. The team will be staying a week and then Keith and I will wave goodbye to them and be staying a while longer. Karen will let us know when we are going home! Eugene, who led devotions this morning thought we should stay a year!  (Karen is attaching photos and proofing this.  To Keith and Joan staying a year she says YES.)

Montreal airport


Off to HATS we go

Carol Patterson has come from Montreal. She is a huge support for us as we come and go from here and now she is here with us! Lily and Al Ball have come from Deer Lake and Cathy and Gary Ash from Stephenville. Both places are in Newfoundland for those of you that have never been. Carol Patterson, a friend of Keith and Joan’s has joined them from Montreal.

Now there is a connection between us all, in case you were wondering how we all ended up going to HATS  together.

Carol is a long time friend of ours and part of our family in Montreal. Lily and Keith are first cousins so there is the family connection. Keith and I had many a meal at their place in our first months of marriage ( now that was just a few years ago!) when I was teaching in Deer Lake.

Cathy and Gary’s daughter Heidi is married to Lily and Al’s son Dave so there is that family connection. Keith got to know Dave and Heidi on their trip together to Zimbabwe and we were so hoping that they could join us for this trip but were not able to. We got the “rents” instead! Even though Keith and I have been to Hats before it is fun to travel with the “newbies” and see Haiti and HATS through fresh eyes.

Last evening when we arrived at the compound, the kids were all waiting for us jumping up and down with excitement.  They had made us a welcome sign and it really made us feel at home. With lots of hugs and kisses to boot we were really and truly welcomed and at home.

Team and Vladimy were very welcomed


Welcome team


Team & children happy to be together


Kids kept saying Keef, Keef, Keef


First day arrival


Lily has her hands full

We settled in and had Germaine’s delicious Haitian soup for supper. You have got to come and taste it, it’s my favorite. I’m trying to convince her to serve it again tonight!

Thanks to Luckner’s generator we have water this morning! God is good and He provides.

This week is going to be full of lots of work and moments that we will not forget and lots of kid time starting when they get back from school later. Even little Jonathan and Sandra went off to school this morning! I miss having the little ones around.

Gary and Al have spent the day in the bathroom together. We need that second toilet with so many around. Thanks guys!

First job for Al and Gary is fixing toilets

Lily and Cathy sorted the bags. Thank you to all who gave us things to bring…you are so generous.


Organizing donated supplies by Lily and Cathy

Carol  organized the office supplies so Karen can find the school supplies for the kids when they come asking for pens and pencils.


Carol’s first job is organizing the supply cupboard

Joan worked on the school class lists.

Karen and Keith did the tour of the property and so tomorrow there will be a list for us all!

Thank you for your support for us and for the kids.   It is all about the kids.