Not much news.  I just want to get in touch.

All kids love to play and mine are certainly no exception.   Anyone who has been here with us knows the joy my kids get from people playing with them.  Recently they have been blessed with visits from people doing short term mission work in Borel.  Steve has had teams coming and going a lot.  They come to help Steve with the work at Project Help but they also come here to meet the kids.  Once they have met them they like coming back to share time and attention with them.  Looks like a win/win situation to me.  Everyone gets blessed.

Visitors to play with the kids


Visit from workteam members at Project Help

The work has been continuing on the building that houses the water tanks.  Still one tank to be moved but we have been busy at other things.  Three are there and water is flowing to the compound.   The two storage rooms on the first level are being cemented inside.  When that is finished and the doors and screens are on, I will start moving things there.

Preparing the storage room under water tanks


Preparing 2nd storage room for cement walls

Today is  ‘boy’ day.  I am sharing some photos of my boys – Vladimy age 14 and doing grade 7;  JJ age 8 and doing grade 3;  Moise  age 7 and in grade 2;  Ti Luc  age 4 and in the prescolaire class;  Dieunel  – just turned 4 and also in the prescolaire class;  Judel  age  2  (3 in August) and a definite wannabe in the precolaire class.  Judel cries every morning when the other kids leave for school.


Strong man Dieunel


Moise (Moses)
 My Judel
Ti Luckner

Next blog I will give photos and info on my girls – ‘girl day’.

Have a blessed weekend everyone.

~Karen and crew