A wonderful day after Saturday Night Shenanigans. We’ll keep it brief about last evening, but suffice to say there were drums, some yelling and a lot of laughter up on the sleeping deck. Revenge was on the minds of several team members this morning as others wandered around trying to look innocent.

Newfie music time

So began our last day. It was a time of worship at church with our mission children, and others from the community. There were around 74 people at the service, including the 13 team members. What a joy to see the growth in that small church, and all the young, fresh faces playing tambourines and singing.

Children’s church


Team in church

We were also treated to the children singing Mother’s Day songs, along with Happy Birthday for Karen. It’s amazing how fast a two-hour service can fly by.

Fabian providing music


Dieunel & Ti Luc at service

Special praise for the men on the team who made lunch today. Tuna melts (nothing like what Martha makes, but still…. Many exclaimed: “Best ever!” Oh, never mind….that was the cooks.)

Ti Luc and many team members also rode Haitian style in the back of Karen’s little white pickup truck this afternoon on a five-minute, wild ride to Luckner’s place. She claims to be a great driver. Others may question that – especially the ones who were riding out back.

Luckner is recovering from a fever so Karen showed us around the trade school and radio station that he is building for his community.

Many team members thought is was merely a funny joke when it was suggested there would be an extra passenger on the ride home. You guessed it: one of the prodigal goats. So there we were, crammed into the bed of the truck, goat and all hoping it wouldn’t aim in our direction if it had to go. Again, lots of laughing – for us, and the curious local Haitians who openly stared or waved as we passed.

Returning from Luckner’s with the missing goat from Sat


Team and one goat – the two old goats sitting inside

Last days are bittersweet as we enjoy the last of our time with Karen, her children and each other as we prepare to leave early tomorrow morning. Tonight we’ll celebrate Karen’s birthday (again!) and savour the last Haitian supper that Martha kindly spent the afternoon preparing for us.

Happy Birthday & Happy Mother’s Day Maman

Happy Mother’s Day & Happy Birthday