This both is written by two ladies! ūüôā

This was a very quiet day, unusual, to say the¬†least!¬† Karen has laryngitis!¬†Church was¬†worshipping, singing, praising and¬†praying today as¬†Karen couldn’t speak or translate.¬† It was a beautiful service¬†and we were only there 1 1/2 hours today.

After church we had some Canadian visitors, then the usual¬†Sunday trek to papa Luckner’s for juice and cookies.

We had a water balloon fight which grew from water balloons to bowls of water to buckets of water and I do believe I got most of it, the little children were trying to wring out my skirt!

Fun time water fight


Little Sandra coming for Mama who was hiding behind the camera

We (Keith, Jim and Sandra) had a mango eating contest.¬† We were¬†to eat them as Haitians do: bite the peel off with our teeth,¬†eat the mango and not have any on our clothes or face.¬† It was¬†fun¬† and delicious BUT we did have it all over our faces and¬†hands…I even had some juice on the ground…Jim was the first¬†one finished, Keith was next BUT the vote decided that I was the¬†winner!¬† I did not argue!

Mango eating contest.


Dirty face, dirty hands, satisfied stomach


This guy kept us all in stitches


Good to the very last bite

We had a wonderful walk/bike ride along the canal with the older¬†children.¬† Jim must be an older child…he took a bike too but¬†the children were not going to let¬†him ride faster than they¬†could.¬† There were races¬†but the kids always come in the¬†winners.¬† Karen rode for a while, Sandra took a race with JJ but¬†he beat me when I had a head start on him.¬† Ti Luc was¬†travelling fast and found himself in a few tight spots as Keith¬†was his co pilot.¬† Keith has retired as a pilot so he now gets¬†to be co-pilot on¬†Ti Luc’s bike, and Ti Luc loves it!

Last afternoon walk for this crew this time


Our walk-ride along the canal


Ti Luc dearly loves his new co pilot


Moise missed the walk because of school work – next time Moise

Had our last delicious supper and said our goodbyes.  The hardest part is to hug the children for the last time when you know it will be a year or more before you see them again.

We tried to talk Karen out of going to Port Au Prince tomorrow¬†BUT guess what…she is going!¬† She should be staying home but¬†no one can tell her what to do!!!!

We have had another fantastic time here and God willing (Karen too) we will return.

I, Karen, would like to keep them here now.  Luckner feels the same way.  Going to be very difficult to see them leave tomorrow.  Until next time!!

~Sandra & Karen