Wow. Another week has flown by and today was a fairly relaxing day. Karen started the day early with a walk along the canal with some of the kids. I decided to rest and save my energy knowing I would have to do the blog again this evening for Karen.

I spent a couple of hours on the school roof repairing the south wing. All the holes are patched and the nails tapped in. It should be good and leak free for at least 3 months.

Karen and I then headed back to St. Marc to do some shopping. Some essentials were picked up like eggs and more Christmas lights. Karen only got into two fusses. One was with the manager at the big store for refusing to leave her purse at the front counter as a deterrent against shop lifting. The other was with a street vendor because I parked in his car washing spot. She won both battles and we live to write another blog.

It was interesting to see all the street vendors and traffic at the market in Pont Monde. The center of gravity on some of the taxis (pickup trucks) and tap taps (motorcycles) defies physics.

Economy fare


Full house


Moving day


Middle road


Traffic 1


Yup we made it – tucked in the mirrors and kept going.





While we were gone the kids did their chores and homework. Some were keener than others of course but I checked Moise’s homework and he had it done. Good Job!

Next up was the Christmas lights. Should be an easy task but I was trying to attach them to concrete houses and I had 15 supervisors and 14 helpers. We had a quick lighting of the Christmas lights and then shut them down until Liette and Dana and families arrive for Christmas.

Christmas lights team


Nice picture of Karen causing the moon to rise!!


Christmas lights

The kids burned off their excess energy with a gymnastics competition and then it was lights out.

Good night from Keith.