Sunday in Haiti is a day of rest for the most part. We all went to the School Building this morning for a very lively Service. In any language it is not hard to tell which hymns we were singing. Nearly 80 in attendance. One poor fellow turned up for the service two hours after it ended. Although it is not unusual for people to show up all through the service.

Sunday morning service


Morning service


Karena ready for church in new dress


Sandra carrying Sandra to church


Shondi carrying Karen


Mariah and Jonathan ready for church


Mama and her beautiful daughter

We spent a lot of time with the children playing and teaching rollerblading. They are a joy to be around and are very appreciative of any attention.

We Skyped with Blair, Danielle, Molly and Lexi in Kingston today. Without the new Internet Server this was previously impossible. You can hear Karen hoot and holler everytime an email goes out and one opens all in the same day.

We went for a tour of Deschapelles this afternoon. Our initial mission was to go to the Drugstore but it was closed.

On a personal note I have seen a noticeable difference in Haiti. By no means are things good but are at least going in the right direction.