When we are home in Canada people often ask what a typical day’s schedule looks like for me at HATS. That’s hard to answer because no 2 days are the same. But here we go…I wake at 5:45 and then walk through the countryside and farmland from 6:00 to 7:00. 7:30 is staff devotions and then breakfast, climb the water tower to check the water levels etc. and then have a look at the to-do list. Those are the only constants. I never know which hat or how many I will wear during the day…carpenter plumber, bicycle repairman, IT non-expert, homework warden, computer teacher, hockey coach, cobbler, referee, cook, photographer…and that was just yesterday!

So here is what Thursday last week looked like:

Kids checking last minute homework before school

After school computer class

Animals and puzzles during play time

These boys love their blocks

Jocelyn taking a break from teaching Luc to clean up playroom

Moise must be in love…he is doing homework!!

I am cutting lumber to build a screen door for Jocelyn’s apartment

You may not be aware that HATS has started an in-house Security Training Program. Two of the children are going to take over defending the compound as soon as they graduate from school. Their weapons-of-no-destruction were handmade by them with bits they found around the compound. Ingenious.

Markenson with his slingshot

Judel tries out his bow and arrow

Stay tuned…