God is moving in our area, thanks to the radio station at Luckner’s. Radio Creole FM is sharing the word of the Lord, praying for people throughout the area, playing Christian music, and Luckner is teaching that attending a church means nothing without accepting Christ and following his leading. These things taught through the radio station are having fantastic results. Lives are being changed daily. Marriages are being restored, families are being reunited and people are receiving physical help when needed. Two transformations took place in the past 24 hours – one last night and one this morning. Two voodoo priests have accepted the Lord and with the help of Christians have burned all the paraphernalia they used in voodoo. This afternoon both these men were baptised. Many people throughout this area are thanking God daily for Radio Creole.

Luckner (in blue) with the two men left of him who are about to be baptised


Luckner, Appollon (Magalie’s husband), Benoit (Antoinette’s husband) and other pastors


Mariah at the baptism


Richard – a changed life


Wagler (works at radio station) & Luckner sharing what is taking place with radio listeners

Schools opened yesterday, Oct 3rd. By next week we should be operating somewhat normally. The first week of school in Haiti tends to see students drifting in slowly. My children were anxious to get back to school and are quite happy to be putting on their uniforms early mornings again and going next door to the school compound. Yesterday was a very exciting day for sweet little Judel as it was his first day of school. This year I have Judel in Prescolaire 1; Josie, Ismyis and Dieunel in Prescolaire 3; Leica, Karma and Ti Luc – Grade 1; Moise – grade 3; Djeumima – grade 4; JJ and Mirlande – grade 5; and Vladimy – grade 9. Jofky cried both days because his buddy Judel was leaving him here on this compound. Ti Fi, Karena, Jofky, Anne, and Sandra must wait their turn for school.

Judel’s first day of school – Prescolaire 1
First day of school for this year for my kids

Please give me a little time to know exactly which students are in the school this year. If there is a change in your sponsored student (s) I will be in touch as soon as possible. By next week I will most likely be using Jessie and Mariah’s help with doing the student sponsored list, etc. for this school year. Liette, with her friend Yvette, will be coming in November and will be doing all the school photos and letters for sponsors. This huge task being removed from my shoulders by Liette again this year means a great deal to me. Thank you, God, and thank you , Liette.

Basic computer skills and English are presently being taught at the trade school at Luckner’s. I am enjoying helping Luckner with the English course on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. He teaches the students English theory for an hour and then I do a second hour and work with them on pronunciation.

Again I thank you for your awesome support of every kind. A lot is being done to help throughout this area, and especially for children, but the people would not be helped and blessed without you.


God bless you all.

~Karen and gang