Once again I am delinquent in getting a blog posted, but better late than never.

First I want to remind you that you have the option of having the blogs automatically download into your computer. That way you will no longer have to keep checking our blogsite to see if something new has been posted. Many have gone that route and have let me know they are glad they have taken advantage of that option.

The construction of our school kitchen came to an abrupt stop last week due to no cement being available. HATS is not the only place with work being held up in Haiti due to lack of cement. We were able to do as much as we did on the foundation because we had a little cement left over from the last project. Naturally with the supply in the country almost nonexistant, what people did have on hand was sold at an exorbitant price. Apparently cement has been held up in customs for some time due to a work action there. Rumour has it that cement might be released from customs in the next few days. Hopefully when the supply increases the price will decrease, but then again – maybe not . . . . Luckner and I are hoping this won’t affect our cost estimates for work at the school.

Ready to pour cement to finish foundation – no cement

Lately Ti Luc has been spending a lot of time with older brother, Moise. They get along well, and Mosie enjoys being with him. Today the two boys asked to wash the truck – just the two of them. They had fun and did a good job on the truck to boot. I am trying to keep Ti Luc nearby so I can keep a closer eye on him.

My two boys, Moise & Ti Luc cleaning the truck

Many of you have been enquiring about Ti Luc – how he is doing, status of his adoption, etc. It has been difficult for me to respond or to blog about Ti Luc, as I had no good news to impart. I have been given hope several times only to see it come crashing down around my ears again.

Ti Luc has fallen a few times in the past couple of weeks, on his face, which meant more damage to his mouth/teeth. Ti Luc falling own is not new. He has learned how to roll and most times can do so and prevent hitting his head. Sometimes, of course, he has no control of where he hits. Within the past two weeks he fell and hit his two front teeth (second teeth) on the cement wall. One was broken a little, but is good. One of his teeth was pushed up into his gums. This tooth continues to bother him daily as it is not where it should be. Tomorrow we are taking him to St Marc to see a dentist, in hopes something can be done.

Ti Luc after accident with his teeth

It has been 3 1/2 long years since I approached someone to start the adoption proceedings for Ti Luc. Now, I am looking for help elsewhere to get this finished. I do not want to get my hopes too high in case they come crashing down again, but I think this is a necessary step to take. If, and when, you think of my boy I ask you to pray for him and for the new direction I am about to take, to try and get the adoption completed.

The children are all well and enjoying time away from school. Jonathan and Sandra continue to delight us with their antics. Jonathan does not permit me to enter a room or pass him anywhere without taking him in my arms. Dear little Sandra, 14 1/2 months, now leaves the safety of the children’s yard if the gate is left open, comes to my house, stands outside and says “mama, mama”. It is okay if we hear her, but if we do not, it is not okay when she sits down on the step outside the door. She cannot be seen by anyone leaving this house, and she would get hit in the head with the door. The front door at this place is in none stop use so I have encouraged everyone leaving to do so with great caution. Before too many more months Jonathan will be walking up and calling mama too.

Three pretty girls in three pretty dresses










Moise playing golf with his followers watching


Ti Luc, Anne and Karena with Papa Luckner

Thanks again from all of us for your ongoing love and support for the children.

It is and always will be – A L L A B O U T T H E C H I L D R E N

Blessings everyone.