The past couple of days has seen me with two visitors at my house. One gave me great joy while being totally amazed. Baby Jonathan, 10 months, left the boys home at the bottom of the kid’s yard and crawled all the way to my house to find his mama. He stopped at the gate of the children’s yard, stood up and rested, then crawled the rest of the way. Quite proud of himself, as so he should be. Actually Mama Karen was very proud of him too.

Jonathan resting while crawling from Kay Margo to Kay Mama


Jonathan – rest finished – on to see my mama

He then proceeded to follow the example of Moise and Ti Luc on the living room floor and started colouring.

Jonathan 10 months wants to colour too

The other, very unwelcome visitor, at my place, had a family member or close friend that decided to visit the housemother’s room at Kay Timbrmart the same day. That one was not welcome there either. They were quite close in size and looked alike so I figured the one photo would suffice.

Two of these – one in Karen’s living room and one in bedroom of housemother in Kay Timbrrmart

I walked into my living room around midnight and found my visitor slowly moving across the floor. First thought was scream and run for help. I certainly would have done so in the past, and not too distant past. My daughters should be proud of me because I decided I was a big girl and could not ask security to come into my house and kill it. I needed to take care of it myself. I had to be sure it was really taken care of or I would certainly not close my eyes all night. So, I quickly found a fairly big and heavy box in the laundry room and dropped on it. After devotions the next morning I told Germaine there was a present for her in my living room. It, however, was under the box, not inside it.

Ti Luc’s mouth is doing much better. He is once again able to eat normally. Thankfully he is back to enjoying life with the other children. He spends a lot of time with big brother, Moise, and loves to have Jonathan and/or Sandra around, so he gets to be the big brother.

Ti Luc at papa’s


Ti Luc trying to swing


My two boys, Moise & Ti Luc cleaning the truck

The school kitchen is still not finished due to the shortage of cement and some other materials. The work on the elementary section of the school is also delayed due to cement. The supply is almost nil and the cost has risen a great deal. I have been informed that the Haitian government has closed the borders to the Domician Republic to supplies coming into Haiti. Haiti has to pay a hefty tax for anything going to the DR for sale and now Haiti has decided it is time to do likewise. So for now, there is a shortage of a lot of things we were previously able to get. It is a ‘keep checking/wait and see’ game for now. Never a dull moment.

Sandra with Moise in church, tambourine on her arm and clapping at same time

Thanks again so very much everyone for everything.

Love and blessings to all of you from Karen and the children.