First off, Jess and I are very happy to be back at HATS! Our return got delayed because my tonsils weren’t cooperating with my throat. 14 pounds lighter and after 14 days of jello, I got the okay to return to Haiti. Now I’m fully recovered and gained most of the weight back (I didn’t need to lose any in the first place!) , thank God! Thank you all for your prayers over me too. We were getting antsy to get back because we were missing the kids so much- they were on our minds constantly. It was so awesome driving into the compound that evening and getting out of the bus to a mob of kids with their bright smiles and strong embraces! Sadly, we cannot spend much more time here, and by today we only have 10 more days before we go back home and move on to what God wants next for us. We told the kids that we only have 3 more weeks here, but they’ve been arguing with us that we have to stay 3 or 5 years instead. On Saturday we watched the movie Space Jam and afterwards Moise jokingly challenged me to a game of basketball, and if he won, I had to stay here as his prisoner. It will be sad to leave, but we will definitely be back to visit them.

Last year, we flew in with the Texas team and we were blessed to be able to fly back in with them this year! They were such an encouragement not only that first week, but also throughout this last year. Thank you guys!

Since we don’t have much time here, we’re really excited to be able to spend quality time with the kids. I’ve been working on some small various projects for Karen, but I don’t have a ton to do, so we’ve been able to do that. So this past week, after the kids are finished with their homework, we’ve had time to do an activity.

Tuesday we taught them how to play baseball and then played a dance game (Maga even got involved!).




Wednesday and Thursday we worked on the presents the kids are giving to the kids at the Comfort orphanage. Before we left for Christmas, Jess set up a Christmas exchange with our kids and the Comforts. She paired our kids with theirs and then asked all of our kids what they wanted to give to their kid. Jess and I picked up the gifts while we were home. Wednesday, our kids wrote notes and drew pictures, and then on Thursday they wrapped their presents. They had so much fun preparing their gifts and are so excited for the opportunity to give to the Comfort kids.

With their gifts


The three musketeers

On Friday we gave the kids a glass of water and these things that looked like pills. We told them to put them into the water. They were confused at first, but excited when the pills eventually turned into little foam animals. They were so excited to show us which animals they had gotten. Afterwards, Ismyis gave Jess her animals. Jess asked her why, and Ismyis said that she wanted to give her animals to her Comfort kid because they have less than she does. We were so blessed by her generous heart!

Saturday was a bit more relaxing day. We watched Space Jam with the kids, and I’m pretty sure I enjoyed it as much as they did! Afterwards we were inspired to play basketball and Moise and JJ were calling me Michael Jordan. I would have been humble about it, but it’s not everyday you get called Michael Jordan, so instead I just did my version of Air Jordan on our 6 foot rim! Then Mariah, Jess, and I made cupcakes together for our afternoon walk with the kids. Sunday all the kids got a chance to try rollerblading- even Jofky got his turn, unfortunately he didn’t have hands to keep up his oversized shorts! Makes for a funny photo though!

Snack time on the canal




Jofky’s rollerblading skills

Today was an exciting day. More exciting for Mariah, Jess, and I than for the kids. The Heinz company has been providing nutritional packets for us for a few months now and they asked if they could come and do a promotional video with their celebrity spokeswoman. Their celebrity was Lucy Liu. It was a fun experience for us and the kids because there was an entourage of vehicles and a bunch of camera equipment. We had a great time visiting with the crew and the kids flaunted their typical happy selves! We are so thankful for Heinz’s generosity toward us and to the country of Haiti. As they were leaving, Lucy even asked Mariah to go to their next destination with them, but Mariah had to finish her class. Maybe next time Mariah, or maybe you just missed your chance to co-star with Lucy in her next big film “Charlie’s Angels 3: Haitian Havoc”.

With our guest

Until next time- thanks for all of your support and prayers! We love you guys!